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If you are a local optometrist, ophthalmologist, or vision care specialist in Idaho, then pay very close attention and we’ll do our best to make this as brief as possible.



  1.  This site is owned and operated by the best Boise SEO company in Idaho.
  2.  We built this site for the sole purpose of YOU (eye doctors or vision care specialists) – being able to RENT OUR PAGES.
  3.  You can rent any AVAILABLE page on our site for just $99 per month.
  4.  Just go to a page on our side-bar (see the links to the right) and click on that page.
  5.  Look at the bottom of your screen – you should see rental information with 3 buttons to click.
  6.  The DEMO button allows you to see how your site looks when overlaid on our site.
  7.  The GET MORE DETAILS button connects you to us if you have questions before renting.
  8.  The RENT button (with a price by it) shows you how much it will cost you to rent that page for 30 days.
  9.  If you choose to RENT the page immediately – YOUR WEBSITE will take over our page INSTANTLY.







Okay, here’s the deal – there is a lot of competition in the eye vision and optometrist field and you already know this. You know that Idaho is growing rapidly and your competition will get tougher as months and years go by. We know this, too.

We are “Boise SEO” and we know how to get websites and pages to the TOP OF GOOGLE quickly. Don’t believe us? Click on either of these two Google searches “affordable Boise advertising” or “affordable Idaho advertising” or even the coveted search of “Boise advertising agency and SEO.”

Go ahead – click on a link above and know that we dominate our competition. NOW, we’d like to help YOU dominate your competition.

So this is how it works! Click on one of the optometry related pages linked to in the right sidebar of this page – or lower on this page if you’re using a Smartphone.

Then look at the image above and see the three buttons. Look for those on the page you’ve chosen. Notice that we’ve made pages for both optometrists, ophthalmologists, and vision care specialists in your area.

Want to see a DEMO – go ahead – Click on the “See a Demo” button, fill out your email and your domain in this format: – and then watch YOUR WEBSITE MAGICALLY AND INSTANTLY OVERLAY ON OUR WEBSITE.

Now – How cool is that?


Why did we do this? Why did we build an entire website just for optometrists and ophthalmologists when our primary business is SEO?

Because we know how to get websites to the top of Google and you know how to run your vision care practice. Please don’t expect us to know how to conduct vision exams – and we won’t expect you to know how to outrank us on Google. – It’s a great relationship!

…And when you choose to rent a strategic optometry related page (or pages) from us – it is a total WIN – WIN situation.

You don’t have to pay a company like ours THOUSANDS of dollars to rebuild your site and SEO it to the top of Google in 3 to 5 months.

Instead – you can get instant and powerful Google Rankings and your competition won’t know what hit them.


How our RENTAL PAGES help you DOMINATE your competition…

Example 1: Just like in the game of Monopoly – usually the person with the most property wins. It is the same principle here. We give you a chance to own as much local property as you need to grab new clients and customers.

Example 2: Let’s say that you own an optometry practice in Twin Falls. Chances are – you might rank on the first, second, or third page of Google for your area – and that’s great. But if you click here:eye exam and vision care in Hailey Idaho” – You’ll see that our page is NUMBER THREE for that Google search. …This means that ANY local dentist in Sun Valley, Ketchum, or other local cities, etc. – can jump in and rent that page. …Then, no matter where they currently rank for “Hailey Idaho optometry searches” – they can INSTANTLY be shown on the first page of Google!

We’ll say it again… How cool is that?

Example 3: Let’s say you’re an optometrist in Star Idaho and you’d really like to dominate all local cities. Well, you could go to our Emmett, Star, Middleton, Eagle, Meridian, Horseshoe Bend, etc… pages – and claim our Google rankings.



Very easily… First, click on the RENT NOW button at the bottom of any available page on our site and you’ll be taken to a PayPal checkout process.

  • NOTE: Our site homepage, contact us page, about us page, etc. – do not have the ability to be rented.

Correctly enter your website details and then complete the payment process SECURELY with PayPal – and your website will INSTANTLY takes over our page on our site. Be sure to enter your domain name in this format:

Now that you’ve rented that page – ANYTIME a web visitor lands on that page – they will see YOUR WEBSITE instead of ours. They will have full functionality of your site and you’ve just successfully swiped our Google rankings for the benefit of your own business!


About our Google Rankings for these rental pages…

First of all – Google is a weird animal and they are constantly changing their rules – so we make no guarantee of specific search engine rankings.

HOWEVER, we created this website JUST 3 DAYS AGO (today is Jan. 9th, 2016) – and we have already ranked these pages to the FIRST AND SECOND PAGE of Google – all across the state of Idaho.

With that being said, now we begin the process of HAMMERING these pages with our SEO skills (search engine optimization) and we VOW to relentlessly push our pages HIGHER AND HIGHER as the months and years go by.


About your potential return on your investment by renting our pages…

Well, you may not make a dime or you may make well over 1000% ROI on your rental page.

Example: Your optometry and ophthalmology (or vision care products) practice is in Meridian, Idaho. You rent 4 of our pages for the cities of Eagle, Kuna, Garden City, and Boise.

  • That would cost you 4 x $99 per month. – Or $396.

But let’s say that we begin to push our site and pages higher and higher in search engine rankings and now you own 4 extra FIRST page Google rankings in cities where you don’t even have an office.

  • YES, you begin to QUICKLY STEAL ONLINE TRAFFIC from your competitors!

What if those four newly rented pages EACH bring in 3 new clients per month – giving you a total of about 12 new clients a month that you never would have gotten otherwise… – Well, then, it’s your practice and you can do the math.

Better yet, what if your phone is ringing off the hook and each new page is bringing you in 10 new clients per month – for a total of 40 new clients every 30 days. …Then – how much would your ROI be?


How do I STOP renting your pages?

It’s very easy!

  • First, there are no returns or refunds once a page has been rented.
  • Each rental period is for a 30 day period.
  • PayPal will set up a “Subscription” in your PayPal dashboard that will automatically pay us every 30 days.
  • Simply CANCEL that subscription in your PayPal account dashboard to stop paying us.

But just remember this, as soon as you stop paying us – that page is IMMEDIATELY available for another dental agency to rent.


A final and closing word…

You can see what we’ll make every 30 days for our pages…. $99. But we’re very good at what we do and the ENTIRE PLANET is using Google (or other search engines) like never before.

Our goal is to allow your optometry or vision care practice to COMPLETELY “CRUSH IT” in the online marketplace and to dominate your competition. So, if in the months to come you find yourself making a 1000% or 2000% ROI off of the pages you rent from us – We’re totally happy for you and that is our goal!


Should you have any questions at all before or during the rental process – simply use our Contact Us form and we’ll get back to you soon!


All the best – and let the renting begin!

The staff at Boise SEO and Idaho Bright Smiles